Section I - Rennes-le-Château before Bérenger Saunière

Legends of buried treasure

The presence of gold and silver mines in the region is mentioned by various historians from 1633 onwards. These mines are perhaps one of the origins of the numerous legends of buried treasure that circulate in these parts. The most famous is that of the “Devil’s gold”, a vast hoard of gold pieces guarded by the Devil himself and hidden in the heart of Blanchefort mountain, not far from Rennes-le-Château.

Devil’s treasure In 1832 Auguste de Labouisse-Rochefort wrote: "Right beside us were the ruins of the fortress of Blanchefort, where the Devil has guarded an immense treasure since ages past."


Did you know…? In his posthumously published Mémoires sur l’Histoire du Languedoc (1633), Guillaume Catel wrote of "gold, silver, iron and lead mines" in the mountains around Rennes-les-Bains.



Le manuscript Delmas, 1709. ›  

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