Section I - Rennes-le-Château before Bérenger Saunière

The Knights’ Stone

This carved sandstone slab was discovered by Father Saunière at the foot of the main altar. It shows two scenes, each framed by columns with a decorative cable moulding supporting beaded arcades. It is considered to be either a tombstone (H. Guy, 1927), an element from the chancel (B. Lescure, 1978) or a sarcophagus panel (P. Saussez, 2004). The carving is Carolingian (8th–9th cent.).

The Knights’ Stone During work on the replacement of the main altar, a plain stone slab was lifted from its horizontal position and discovered to carry a decorative carving.


Did you know…? Father Saunière re-used the stone – its carved face now upwards – as a step in front of the Calvary cross, which was erected in the garden adjacent to the church.


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